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Where everyone is a VIP

Are you wondering where to get a personalized concierge service? Worry no more – Our professional reception and concierge service is the most affordable and customized around. At Intelli, we have gathered an experienced and versatile team that brings you the most friendly, secure, and memorable vacation experience in Florida.

Our packages range from the breathtaking night experiences in Orlando towns to animated theme park activities. We also organize world-class spa and beauty sessions at the most convenient spas and massage parlors in Orlando. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner with your spouse, we have something for you – we organize the most conducive romantic getaways and candle lit dinners.

We bring to you a special kind of concierge service that ensures the highest satisfaction for our guests. We organize the best family and group entertainment options thus making your stay in Orlando a memorable one. We have individual, family, and corporate packages, you need it? We’ve got it!

Our Services

Our services include activity planning, birthday and anniversary facilitation, grocery shopping, housekeeping, culinary experts, spa and beauty services, restaurant reservations, and photography. Even more, we facilitate our guests with discounted tickets to attractions, sports events and much more!

Activity Planning

Get seasoned animators for all-round activities including golfing, outdoor adventure, teambuilding, arts and culture exploration, shopping, sports and recreation, nightlife, among others. Our animators have mastered the art of re-creating your holiday activities to bring about utmost satisfaction and relaxation! They will guide you were it is, show you how to do it, and exhume the fun in it!

Birthday Packages & Anniversaries

At Intelli, we help you reflect upon your life experiences in the most compensating way! If you have a birthday or an anniversary to celebrate, why don’t you contact us? All you need to do it contact us, give us your tastes, sit back, and wait to attend! We organize the Nitti gritty of every occasion on your behalf, from rental of limousines, live bouquets, to finger-licking delicacies! Let us help you celebrate your special occasion.

Discounted Tickets to Attractions, Sports Events and Concerts

Visiting Orlando and its attractions has never been so easy. Purchase your discounted theme park tickets through our sister company Kaluah Tours. Kaluah Tours is a travel agency based in Orlando who can help you with every single aspect of your trip - from renting cars, to tickets, to attractions, to special reservations and much more. Contact our Concierge Team to make your purchases today!

Grocery Shopping

Avoid all the hustle and bustle in towns and malls shopping for fruits and veggies. Besides, your vacation was meant for relaxation! Order our timely grocery shopping and delivery service! You choose it, we will buy it! Want a breakfast as the one you have back home? Some treats to take to the theme parks? Not a problem. Send us an email and, voila! It will be ready for you!


When you’re visiting Orlando, do not take the trouble of housekeeping. We are here for you. Hire a personalized concierge service that will bring a sense of a dream home to your vacation lounge! Amazingly, we have both daily and mid-stay cleaning services! Contact us today, and book your way to a convenient stay in Orlando!

Culinary Services

Do not miss your chance to enjoy our traditional and modern cuisines. Our personal chefs have the right skills and tools to make the famous Orlando delicacies. Our catering services are available for small dinner parties, luncheons, or a romantic dinner for two. You can also have delicious picnic delivered right to your door. Let us know your taste and we will deliver it!


Orlando has exquisite natural and artificial sceneries. Capture every moment by hiring a professional photographer. We are here to assist you eternize every special vacation moment! Just give us a call, and we will help you capture every paparazzi moment!

Restaurant Reservations

With us, you’re able to book restaurants from the comfort of your vacation home! All you need to do is call or send us an email, and we shall be your face in Orlando!

Spa Services

After one day filled with adventures and adrenaline rush, enjoy a relaxing session at world-class spas and beauty parlors. Let us organize your spa, massage, and beauty sessions without leaving your home away from home.

Disney Cruise Reservations

Our concierge team wants to help you in every single aspect of your trip. Are you planning to discover the magic of Disney not just visiting the theme parks but also on a cruise filled with a lot of fun, fantasy and exciting activities for all ages? We are here to organize and get the best available prices for you! Our Disney Cruise specialist will help you to book your cruise and to take the most out of your trip.

Wedding Planner at Walt Disney World

Who doesn’t want to have a Fairytale Wedding and say “I Do” at the most magical place on Earth? Our concierge team knows that when it comes to your wedding day, there are no do-overs, no re-shoots and no second chances. That’s why we will delivery everything you could possibly need to make your special day an unforgettable one. We will coordinate all the details for you. Take the stress out of your wedding planning and let us do the hard work for you!

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